Shri Suresh Kothari

Divinity is at the root of life and truth is oneness; the heart can feel the oneness when mind becomes selfless.

  • Born in 1929, in a family which attached strong importance and thrust to education. He completed his Bachelors in Chemistry with a rank at the University at the young age of 17 years in 1946.
  • Professionally, he excelled as a successful businessman with varied interests and relationships across the globe.
  • Lived a worldly life motivated by commercial pursuits and interests until his Near-Death Experience (NDE) in the year 1972.
  • This NDE experience at the age of 43 was the initiation of his spiritual journey.

    Near Death Experience - The Turning Point
  • Clinically pronounced dead as a result of an illness in 1972, he experienced the Supreme in the form of Extremely Luminous Light, Immeasurable Love and Colossal Speed for about 90 seconds of our time, before coming back to life.
  • His intense selfless curiosity to fathom these experiences started his Eternal Inner Journey.
  • Divinity bestowed upon him the knowledge, commandments and tools for this eternal journey for universal good.
  • Divine knowledge and wisdom descended upon him to reveal Gnyan and Bhaav (Bhakti), both necessary and complimentary tools for the divine journey in the form of prose and poetry across languages, many as musical compositions.
  • His being crossed over to go beyond worldly dimensions during such revelation periods which occurred during his numerous crossovers into meditative states over the years.

Introduction of Shri Suresh Kothari

Our Trust has been founded as a non-commercial body to spread and help practise the descended knowledge for inner journey of all with the means of Gnyan and Bhakti.